I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has had the privilege of working in private practice in Ft. Wayne, Indiana since 1989.  I understand that it takes great courage to take this journey of self-discovery.  I believe the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important components of successful therapy.  In order to determine whether I am the best therapist for you, I begin the process by talking to each potential client over the telephone before scheduling an appointment. I work very hard to offer an appointment within a week.

NOTICE TO CLIENTS (Updated: 6-4-20)

I have made a very difficult decision to not return to my office and continue to practice using TeleHealth until I retire.  This will look different than what you are used to, so I have highlighted details below for you to reference:


  • Communication with me needs to take place over email and I can be reached at:                



  • I will be offering 45-minute online, video or phone if you prefer, sessions for $65/session.

      This fee will be due at time of service and needs to be paid with a credit card.


  • I will be filing with your insurance but because it is constantly changing, we may not                

       know whether the claim will be covered for TeleHealth.  Most insurance companies are 

       now making an exception due to the current pandemic.  If that concerns you, you may   

       want to contact your insurance to verify before you make the decision.


  • If you do not want to file with your insurance or your insurance denies the claim due to 

       the TeleHealth service, my fee for 45 minutes of TeleHealth will be   



  • All initial TeleHealth sessions need to requested through my website or if you have already given consent for TeleHealth, email me at:   jjbutler13@gmail.com.


  • After your TeleHealth appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email reminder for     

       your appointment that will include a link to the Video Session.  You will then click on    

       that link at the time of your appointment.


  • TeleHealth sessions will be done through SimplePractice software.  Sessions are secure

       and HIPPA compliant.  More information about TeleHealth is on my website.




   I am grateful for your patience during this challenging time.  This process has also been 

   challenging for me personally so there is potential for confusion and mistakes.  Please don’t

   hesitate to email me should you have questions or need further clarification.  If you decide

   not to use TeleHealth and want face to face sessions in an office setting, you will need to              

   explore other options with a different therapist/provider through your insurance company’s   

   provider list.  Thanks so much.   



If you plan to use your phone or Ipad for Telehealth sessions, you can download the app through the App Store or click link below:

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Fort Wayne, IN  46804


(260) 436-5353

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Jocelyn J. Butler MSW, LCSW

Individual and Family Therapy


Day and evening office hours by appointment.